Into the Belly of the Beast

Into the Belly of the Beast – Lucky Brograms

“Into the Belly of the Beast” is an action-adventure game where you jump into the role of Sploosh, a sea worm who is heading out to bring back his children who were swallowed by a huge sea monster. On your journey through the diverse and unique locations inside its body, you have to make use of the given properties of this special environment to solve numerous puzzles.

Master fights against DNA based enemies in creative and inventive ways: Eating DNA of different types will change the behaviour of other creatures towards you and will provide you with different special abilities.
Find the best tactics for each area!

Avaiable on Steam and XBox-One:

My part during the development:

  • UI & 2D
  • 3D Character & Environment Art
  • Hand painted Textures
  • Creature & Environment Sounddesign
  • Additional Level Design (Unity 3D)


Video from one of our Sfx Recording Sessions: