The Grand Cavern Series: Dripstone

Environment Game Asset Pack for the Unity Asset Store.

The Grand Caverns – Dripstone

Dungeon / Cave Environment Pack
Made for Unity 2018.4 + using the new HDRP Workflow
HDRP Textures

Available here:

What’s in it, detailed:

> 93 Dripstone Assets!
(93 prefabs, Between 3-7 Lod Stages + Colliders, most meshes here use Unity’s Sphere and Capsule Colliders, but some needed mesh Colliders = 425 individual Models!)

-> 52 Rooms and Corridors!
Vertex painted, meaning: All Rooms & Corridors share the same 4 layered texture file! (49 prefabs, Bewteen 3-4 Lod Stages + Mesh Colliders = 275 individual Models!)

-> 28 Parts like bridges, ramps, pillars and such!
Vertex painted, meaning: All these share the same 4 layered texture file as the Rooms & Corridors! (28 prefabs, Bewteen 4-7 Lod Stages + Mesh Colliders = 197 individual Models!)

-> 5 Cave Lamp Props you can use to ress up your scene!
(5 prefabs, Between 3-4 Lod Stages, Colliders are using Unity’s Sphere/Capsule and Box Colliders = 28 individual Models!)

-> 11 Tiling HDRP Textures + 2 layered texture mixes for the Cave Rooms (2048px)

-> 38 HDRP Textures for the 93 Dripstone Assets (2048px)

-> 15 Sounds & Ambiences
I included a number of atmospheric sounds like dripping effects, water trickles, streams and waterfall recordings. Mood setting Soundscapes (As can be heard in the flythrough video in the big cave chambers) and one Musik Track.
There are 10 looping sound effects, 4 ambient Soundscapes and one Music Track!

-> 7 Textures for water particles
(7 textures (Albedo + Normal), & a few basic animated particles, dripping, dripping on water & a small waterfall)

-> Bonus: 3 weird glowing Mushroom-Things!
(3 prefabs, Between 3 Lod Stages = 12 individual Models!)

-> A really big and cool looking Demo Scene for you to explore
(Drop the FPS Collider Camera from the Standard Assets into the scene to walk arround and explore)

Thats all in all:
181 shiny and new 3D Assets!
937 individual Meshes! (Whew!)

Dripstone Assets use the build in HDRP Lit Shader with Subsurface Scattering

Rooms & Corridors + Parts all use a shared layered HDRP Material for vertex painted Cave Rooms & Parts.

Please note that this pack is made with the HDRP workflow in mind and may not work properly with other workflows due to the textures beeing setup for HDRP and reliance on HDRP subsurface scattering!

Meshes can be fairly hipoly (~1000-4000 polys for Dripstones),(2000-10.000 for Rooms), which means: Not optimized or intended for mobile games.


You may need to assign the “SSSSettings Dripstone Cavern” Template I included to your HDRP render asset:
-> Assets, Settings -> HDRenderPipelineAsset, here replace the “Diffusion Profile Settings”-File with mine.

If you decide to update from 2018.4 to a newer Unity Version, the materials will appear pink/black at first. All you need to do to fix this is reassign the “Dripstone” SSSSettings template to all Dripstone Materials. I inlcuded a step-by-step guide in the project documentation!