Junior Agency Award 2011 – Gold & Audience-Award

Campaign | Naturfabrik 2011 | Gold & Audience-Award

Design & Concept for a BUND campaign in close collaboration with Publicis Frankfurt. Created together with Students from HS-Mannheim. The biggest award for Communication Design Students in Germany.



While working on the campaign we created a 3D short featuring our Campaign Character “Lara Bluhme”.

This short movie tells the story of “Lara Bluhme” a little mechanical flower that one day unexpectedly makes a life-changing discovery. The film is set up as campaign teasing element for the German environmental organization “BUND – Freunde der Erde”. It lyrically conveys Laras open ended story and at the same time establishes the tonality for the following campaign.


Florian Gerstner:

Project Coordination; Character Modeling, Character Rigging, Character Animation; Set Design (Town); Compositing.

Simon Autenrieth:

Architectural Design & Modeling; Set Design (Town); Sounddesign & Arrangement, Music Instrumentation.

Philipp Unterreiner:

Storyboard & Animatic; Character Animation, Camera Animation; Set Design (Wasteland); Music Composition.

Due to the fact that we had to finish the whole animation within 10 days there are some still images left over that we could not possibly finish in time.